Let’s Ride!

Ride with the LBP for a fun way to explore Lansing! We’re a Bike Party! We’re creating public/social space in Lansing.  

We ride on Fridays after work.

We also often have a Wednesday Bike Co-op Allen Market Ride. And a Tuesday “Adult Swim” Ride when it’s hot. Longer rural rides on weekends. …Whatever people want to post and share!

If you can ride about 15 miles at 12mph and know how to deal with cars and enjoy riding with a group you’re good to go. Just make sure your bike is ready: air in tires, saddle up.

We use Facebook to organize. We also have a Google Group / email list.

FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lansingbikeparty/

Google Group/eList: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/lansing-bike-party

Our FB group is a clearinghouse for rides of all kinds. We like variety — especially rides that are inclusive and welcome the underserved — women, minorities, beginners, never-evers, families.


On Fridays we meet at the Lansing Bike Co-op on 1715 E. Kalamazoo St., Lansing, 48912. We roll at 6:30pm.  

We have pre-rides from wherever people want to gather. Post your pre-ride! One leaves at 6pm from the MSU Broad Museum in East Lansing. Another leaves at 6pm from the Lansing Brewing Company downtown. We tend to get to our destination (with little stops along the way) about 8 then head for home around 9, after snacks/bevs. Some folks play til midnight. We ride back in groups. If you might ride at night then obviously bring a blinky and headlight. We’re big on night riding and decorative lights! We also like fenders and picnic bags. (Always check Event details because rides vary.)

Rides are bigger on Fridays. Maybe 50 riders. Midweek rides are more like a dozen.

“Casual” is relative. We’re “safety first,” but thankfully it’s easy to be safe on a bike without a lot of fuss. We let each other know about cars passing and always stay in the right lane. Sometimes we take a sidewalk. Sometimes we take a bumpy dirt short-cut between neighborhoods: don’t worry, it won’t hurt! Our urban style is different from the longer/faster rural rides. Any bike works! Any clothes work! For an example of our style check out the Detroit Slow Roll. Or any other urban fun ride. Or city riders around the world.

If you want to connect along our route, give Tim Potter a call or text and he’ll give you an update: (517) 618-1771.

What makes urban biking great is: safety in numbers, learning, and new friends! Also, in a few minutes of fresh air fun we can cross town, visiting neighborhoods on the way.

We do some themed and destination rides, like: tweed, croquet, Halloween, and visits to music fests, or a bike museum, or a custom carbon e-bike workshop. It’s fun, scenic, diverse, sociable, refreshing, indie, and free. C’mon!

We stop to regroup as needed, but our rides are self-supported and freelance/voluntary. Bike at your own risk! Helmets are up to you. We ask that riders listen to instructions from those who are guiding the ride. We’ll have helpers up front figuring out where to go, folks in the middle helping with traffic, then someone near the back to help stragglers. People often start volunteering once they get experience. We’re all in this together. But if you don’t want to do something we’re doing, don’t. Parents should try a ride first before bringing kids or a trailer. (Better yet, see “Kidical Mass Lansing Family Ride” on FB.)

We have great relations with car drivers! We get a lot of friendly waves and often stop and chat with them at lights or recruit them to ride. We have about 100 positive interactions with cars for every one that honks mean at us.

Now you’re in! …Enjoy the party!


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